Bad Commercial Dog Food

Find out what commercial pet food companies – Don’t want you to know! This story is quite hardening and disturbing I wasn’t sure if I should write this article or not, but I felt it was my duty for my love for animals and their owners.

dog food recipesThis article is written to alert dog owners that the pet food your feeding your dog isn’t as healthy as you might think, as a matter of fact it leads to death within days. And get this, the commercial pet food companies knows about it and refuse to do anything about it because of the enormous profits they receive.

My heart hurt when I found out about this one man’s story of what happened to his dog and all the other pets across America. Is this an Conspiracy?

Maybe! but, to me it’s more than that. It’s Lowdown and Dirty, you see, the bad pet food that you are purchasing…it doesn’t matter if it is a brand name or generic. It is affecting your dog’s health and how he/she performs you can buy the best dog food for them and the results are the same – Death!

So, what’s wrong with the dog food? Simple put, It’s Poison – you see, most of the commercial dog foods are Garbage poor nutritional ingredients that will inevitably lead to dog Disease.

dog food recipes

I know, I can hear you saying you buy the best for your dog (brand name), the ingredients says it’s healthy and good for your dog, so how can pet food be bad for them.

Listen, the preservatives that are found in commercial dog food affects your dog’s kidneys. The preservatives are a bunch of garbage ingredients that commercial pet food companies put in dog food to preserve shelf life, which maximize their profits.

What’s even more disturbing is that the commercial dog food companies know these preservatives kill millions of pets every year and they don’t even blink an eye about it – using this method to preserve shelf life to increase more profits is the only bottom line with them, your dog is of no concern Period.

You put your trust in these people to provide your dog with nutritional food to keep them healthy, and strong for years to come and how do they repay you, by giving your dog poison.They spend million of dollars on advertisements to gain your trust and this is how they treat you!!!

Don’t be surprised to find out, that the dog food that you have been buying ( brand name or not ) will affect the health of your dog.

Bad pet food, because of its deficiency in key nutrient ingredients, can cause make your dog hypersensitive to their environment.

It can cripple your dogs adrenal glands, which is suppose to help create adequate Cortisol a sort of hormone that’s vital for your dog’s health and resistance to diseases.

dog food recipes

A word of Caution: If you continue feeding your dog this commercial garbage stuff, your dogs Death by Disease is surely guaranteed. There are other alternatives that won’t cost you a whole lot of money, and as a matter of fact it’s even better if you create your own food recipes for your dog which in turn is very easy and healthy for them and as an added bonus it will increase their lifespan by 8 years.

A few things you can do to get you started today:

1. Start changing the way you feed your dog and get yourself some healthy, well-balanced dog food recipe books and start feeding your dog homemade food.

You can find a huge selection of recipes for your dog at book stores or the library. It’s very easy to prepare, just cook a large batch, freeze it and it can be eaten over several days.

2. Stop buying commercial dog food and making it your dogs only main source of food. This isn’t an option, you must do these few steps first and you should make these changes in the next couple of days.

Another Shocking story came out as of this writing, something else is in the your dog food that made me throw-up and angry at the same time. NO! I’m not going to write about, you got see it and hear it for yourself.

Now is the time to change the way you feed your dog, they trust you 100% to take care of them, their just like children they provide you with genuine love and affection, so pay them back with that same Love

Don’t Let Your Dog Die Young!dog food recipes

Editor’s Note: We recommend checking Out Andrew’s Site that how you can solve this problem: Dog Food Conspiracy

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If you care anything about your dog and really want to know more on what’s going on with the commercial pet food companies, then you owe it to yourself to not miss out on this report and how to create your own dog food recipes.